Field Recordings Vol. 3

by Uncle Dan Henshall

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Sometime in May 2016, my good buddy and folk hero Richard Garvey came to visit for a day. He brought with him a Zoom mobile recorder and a couple mics, and that's pretty much the story, actually. Sang everything I had that hadn't already been put to tape and a couple of my favourite ballads for good measure.


released October 2, 2016

Dan Henshall - Guitar, Vocals.
Richard Garvey - Recording Gear, Moral Support.


all rights reserved



Uncle Dan Henshall London, Ontario

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Track Name: Wind Up Dead
I got no money in my pocket, got nobody in my bed,
All the dope I'm smoking I got nothing in my head,
And people they tell me I'm gonna wind up dead,
I'm gonna wind up dead before my day is done.

Well whiskey, whiskey, she's all my delight,
Drinking that whiskey done ruined me quite,
But baby when I'm drinking you know I feel alright,
I'm gonna wind up dead before my day is done.

The way I'm living I got one foot on the ground
You can ask me 'bout that other one I don't know where it's bound.

I've got trouble, trouble, knocking at my door,
I haven't paid them bankers in half a year or more,
But I ain't gonna worry, I've been down that road before,
I'm gonna wind up dead before my day is done.

The way I'm living I got trouble up to my crown,
I'm barely floating but you ain't gonna drag me down.

I'm gonna lay down my worries, gonna rest my weary load,
Take my hand now baby let's get out on that floor,
Oh I'll forget my trouble when I see you jelly roll,
I'm gonna wind up dead before my day is done.
Track Name: Tears On My Pillow (Tears Running Down Your Cheeks)
When I see you in the bar room you're always smiling
But you know, I can't be deceived
It might work on other guys, but I see through your disguise
So you should leave your tears with me.

The last time I saw you it was raining
And you made up some excuse to leave
Well I guess I can comprehend if you don't know where you stand
Just know you can leave your tears with me.

Ch; Tears on my pillow
Tears running down your cheeks
Tears that you don't like carrying
So why don't you leave those tears with me?

I know that I've been hasty
And I know that I can be obscene
But I know all 'bout being blue, maybe even more than you
So you can leave your tears with me.

When the world is out to tear you
And you can't let them see you're weak
When you're feeling all alone, well I live on your way home
And you can leave your tears with me.

Track Name: Cowboy Songs and John Wayne Movies
Well baby did you hear me say I'm leaving?
Though I hope that we might meet again some day.
So before we go and head our own directions,
There's just one thing I thought I'd go and say.

Ch; I was raised on cowboy songs and John Wayne movies,
Ballads about the crossing of the sea.
So babe when you go your way, I'll be going mine,
But sometimes, won't you think of me?

I'm nothing but the poor son of an immigrant,
And the poor son of a gypsy maid.
So maybe baby that's why I get to going,
Every time a woman starts asking me to stay.


Now a life out on the road well it ain't easy,
Ain't no cake walk, ain't no cup of tea.
But I've seen my share of places with no money, honey,
And sometime I even eat my meals for free.

Track Name: I'm Not A Girl, I'm A Trucker
Once I had me a man in Vancouver,
And a couple of men in San Fran,
But I gave all that up, and I got me a truck.
Figured I didn't need none of them.

I've been driving this rig for awhile,
I know every good place to have brunch.
Been to Kalamazoo and Omaha too,
And I never looked back even once.

Ch; I'm not a girl, I'm a trucker.
Ain't your darlin', ain't your baby doll.
You don't start treating me right get ready to fight.
I ain't a girl, I'm a trucker, and that's all.

One time at this bar near Reno
Thought I'd go in and have me a brew,
A man stinking of gin, well he flashed me a grin,
So that I knew what he meant to do.

He threw a couple of coins in the jukebox,
Then he staggered over my way,
Said "You got a nice ass, honey give me a dance,
And that's when I made my escape.


Well he followed me out to the tarmac,
He followed me right out the bar,
Went to grope for my breasts, so I went for my Wesson.
Guess I've always been quick on the draw.

I watched him bleed for a while,
Then I turned round got back in my rig.
I ain't looked back once, since I got this truck,
I sure ain't turning round for no pigs.

Track Name: I'm Here/You're There
When I held you in my arms that day
The cold gray winter just drifted away
And we knew just what we had to say
'Cause I'm here, you're there, and when I'm there you'll be gone.

It's laying under that old pear tree
There's no place that I'd rather be
Just you and me, the birds and bees
But now I'm here, you're there, and when I'm there you'll be gone.

And now it's done, our time has passed
Seems the best things in life they're not made to last
So hold on to the good, cause it's gone pretty fast
I'm here, you're there, and when I'm there you'll be gone.

That look in your eye is like a field in May
Although that its raining sunshine's here to stay
Though our best laid plans have gone astray
'Cause I'm here, you're there, and when I'm there you'll be gone.
Track Name: Glory Day
Glory day, oh glory day,
My true love is here to stay,
Oh glory day, glory day
My true love ain't going away.

I took my love down to the banks,
Of the river Thames one cold, dark night.
Oh Glory Day...

It's there I gave her such a fright,
I threw her in with all my might.
Oh Glory Day...

She reached out her little hand,
Saying "oh my Lord is this the end?"
Oh Glory Day...

She kicked and thrashed and then she drowned,
I drew my knife and looked around.
Oh Glory Day...

I pierced that knife into my heart,
Now never more we two shall part.
Oh Glory Day...
Track Name: Froggie Went A-Courtin'
Froggie went a-courtin' and he did ride,
Sword and pistol buckled to his side.

Went on up to Miss Mouse's house,
Said "will you marry me Miss Mouse?"
"Sir I cannot tell you that,
I'll have to ask my Uncle Rat."

Uncle Rat gave his consent
Weasel wrote the publishment

Where will the wedding supper be?
Way over yonder in the hollow tree.
Who will the waiters be?
The pink-eyed gnat and the black-eyed flea.

First come in was the flaying moth,
Spread her wings for the table cloth.

Froggie went a-swimmin' all across that lake,
Got swallowed up by a big black snake.
Little corn bread on the shelf,
If you want any more better sing it yourself.

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