Field Recordings Vol. I

by Uncle Dan Henshall

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released October 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Uncle Dan Henshall London, Ontario

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Track Name: The Blacksmith
A blacksmith courted me nine months or better
He fairly won my heart, wrote me a letter
With his hammer in his hand he looked quite clever
And if I were with my love I would live forever.

Oh where has my love gone with his cheeks like roses,
And his big black billycock on decked 'round with primroses?
I'm afraid the scorching sun, will burn and mar his beauty
And if I were with my love, I would do my duty.

Strange news has come to town, strange news is carried
Strange news flies up and down that my love is married
Well I wish them both much joy, though they can't hear me
And may God reward him well, for his slighting of me.

Do you remember when you lay beside me?
You said you'd marry me, and you'd not deny me
If I said I'd marry you, it was only for to try you
So bring your witness love, and I'll not deny you.

Oh witness have I none, save God almighty
And may he reward you well for the slighting of me
Then her lips grew pale and wan, it made he poor heart tremble
For to think she loved a man, who did prove deceitful.
Track Name: Feelin's
I got a woman and she can't be satisfied,
You know I got a woman and she can't be satisfied
Bake me beans up when I'm hungry, give me water when I'm dry
You'll see a smile on my face about ten miles wide
But my woman, can't be satisfied.

Ch: She's got feelings, feelings,
well my baby can't shake them feelings,
And once you get around to missing me
You'll come running on home you'll see
Running on home to me

Well they say whiskey straight can drive your blues away
Oh they told me whiskey gonna drive my blues away
But I've been drinking, I've been drinking, I've been drinking for days
My vision's gone but that girl's here to stay
And they said whiskey would drive my blues away.

Well a little bit of loving never did nobody harm
Oh a little bit of loving never did nobody harm
But my heart's palpitating and I can't feel my arms
How'd I fall in to that young woman's charms
When a little bit of loving never did nobody harm.
Track Name: Mourning Dove Blues
Woke up this morning 'bout as early as the doves,
Wan't to spend all my time at home making love,
But it's three in the morning and there's nobody in my bed.
I love you mama, you know that I do,
But love like mine ain't worth very much to you,
It's three in the morning time to write another hard-luck song.

Ch: I'm your's baby, day and night,
You won't see me putting up a fight,
I'm your's, honey won't you say the word.
Cause I need you mama, like a flower to your sun,
Tell me what's on the tip of your tongue,
I'm your's, baby won't you say you'll be mine.

Now the more I rock and the more I roll,
The more you women gonna lose control,
Come on baby won't you slide on over to me.
I can teach you how to shimmy I can show you how to shake,
I said woah woah baby 'til your body aches,
Come on mama, don't you know life can be that sweet?

Now champagne won't make you crazy,
Cocaine ain't ain't gonna kill you baby,
And a little bit of reefer might make you feel lazy sure.
But look at me honey, I'm all right,
I'll be over there dancing 'til the end of the night,
Come on mama won't you have just one little dance with me?
Track Name: If I Were A Sparrow
If I were a sparrow I'd fly right to your door,
I would sing you such pretty songs, we'd be parted never more.

But I'm not a sparrow, I'm only a man,
Trying to make something with my own calloused hands.

Now this chasm that lies between us, isn't large by any account,
But I can't risk the crossing, cause you might find me out.

My love I am fragile, I've been broken many times,
So my love be careful, with this porcelain heart of mine.

If I were a sparrow I'd fly right to your door,
And I'd sing you such pretty songs, we'd never part no more.
Track Name: The Blackest Crow
The time draws near my dearest dear, When you and I must part
What little you know of the grief and woe, in my poor aching heart.
It's what I suffer for your sake, you're the one I love so dear,
I wish that I was going with you, or you were staying here.

I wish my heart was made of glass wherein you might behold,
That there your name I wrote my love, in letters made of gold.
In letters made of gold my love, believe me when I say,
You are the only one for me until my dying day.

The blackest crow that ever flew would surely turn to white,
If ever I proved false to you, bright day would turn to night.
Bright day would turn to night my love, the elements would mourn,
If ever I proved false to you the seas would rage and burn.
Track Name: The Rain
If you don't mind the rain he said
I got one toke left and it's got your name on it.
We'll share a drag in the alley
And watch it all come down.
We'll inhale cancerous tobacco,
Gonna exhale some cancerous conversation,
It's all just cancer anyway babe,
So who'd keeping score.

I never minded rain she said,
But I swear to God I've seen you around somewhere before.
Ain't that kind of funny,
I got one of them faces I guess.
And mind the police sirens,
There's a robbery going down at the gas station,
Oh they're going to steal something,
No one's ever going to miss.

If you don't mind the rain he said,
I got a photograph in my back pocket,
I'll take it out and I'll show it to you
if you promise not to laugh.
All these happy people they don't yet
Know what it's like to live a life in business casual,
They've got stupid smiling faces
And they're all just strangers to me.

If you don't mind the rain she said,
I've got a .45 kicking around in my purse somewhere,
We can fire it off in the valley,
And watch as the crows fly away.
I'll shut my eyes with each 'bang, bang',
And you can close your eyes to the sound of my heart,
Cause when all's said and done,
It's going to rain on our parade.

I never minded rain he said,
But I've never known that much about love anyway,
And it's getting kind of heavy,
Maybe I better step back inside.
You can't help when it rains she said,
And I've got just enough money for two tickets out of here,
So if you don't mind the rain,
Won't you come with me?
And I've got
Track Name: Blood of the Lamb
Ch: Lord, Lord wash me in the blood,
Won't you wash me in the blood of the lamb?
Lord, Lord, wash me in the blood,
So that I might be a better man.

Lord knows that I've been down
Yeah I have done you wrong,
But girl I'm looking for to change
And I'm starting with this song.

Say hello to blue skies now,
Say goodbye to them grey.
I long for to see you 'gain my love,
When you come in off that train.

When I die I want to be reborn
As a golden breasted swallow.
So I might know just what it is to fly
And never have to follow.
Track Name: Whitehouse Blues
Mr McKinley,
He didn't do no wrong,
Rode on down to Buffalo,
But he didn't stay too long,
Hard times, hard times.

People they come running 'round,
Look what has been done,
You have shot the president down,
With your Ivor Johnson gun,
Hard times, hard times.

Freight train, freight train,
Runnin' on down the line,
Blowing at every station,
McKinley is dying,
Hard times, Hard times.

Freight train, freight train,
Runnin' on down the track,
taking him to the graveyard,
But it won't bring him back,
Hard times, Hard times.

Now Roosevelt's in the White House,
Drinking from a silver cup,
McKinley's in the graveyard,
And he won't be getting up,
Hard times, hard times.

Now Roosevelt's in the White House,
He's doing his best,
McKinley's in the graveyard,
Taking his rest.
Hard times, hard times.